Saturday, November 17, 2007

Christmas List...

OH, oh, oh, oh.... I'm getting excited... I like me some Christmas. I know that Thanksgiving hasn't come and gone yet, but my family hasn't ever really done much for that holiday and all the decorations in Walgreens close to our house is putting me in the mood. So, if you must ask, what does Mitchie want for Christmas... well, I might just put a list together for you. Enjoy! coasters, owl notecards, or pocket mirrors (I seriously could use one of those)

Wolfie and the Sneak amazing calendar:

These cute Mara-inspired gray boots from Urban:

Target Jewelry armoire I saw the other day:

Toggle coat from Target:

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I miss good movies

I know its that time of year when actual good movies come out... but i haven't seen any. It might be because I have stopped reading magazines that give good reccomendations or that I am more focused on school and such, but i really, really, really want to see a good movie sometime soon. The other night I went to see Lions for Lambs at Campbell 16 and I have to say it was fairly boring... a heartfelt stab at American culture by those who produce the most problems as to how we view the world anyway...
So... do you know of any movies that have come out this fall or are coming out that i just HAVE to see? The only two that come to mind at the moment is Lars and the Real Girl and Call of the Wild, which I plan on viewing at the Moxie. To let you know what my genre is: My faves of the past few years have been Everything is Illuminated, Running with Scissors, Volver, Little Miss Sunshine, Bourne Ultimatum... oh and the list goes on. Help! I need something good to see.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

coffee and papers

So i am trying to ween myself off of coffee. I realized I have been addicted to it intensley since I started at my job at Burrell. Its sorta like a crutch that I don't need... I can't even tell the difference between my cafinated and decafinated self. Plus it gives me the toots.
So here I am drinking Tiger Spice Chai at Mudhouse. Yummy indeed. I doubt I'll stay away from coffee and espresso for very long b/c I can't find anything that slightly compares to tiger spice, but we'll see.
Next to me there is a girl prosteltizing to a guy that obviously wants to be left alone. She's cute though, so I bet that's why he's engaging her in a conversation. I listened to her awkardly ask him to come to her church which he refused. She went back to sit with her friends and now she's back. I can't tell what they're talking about b/c I'm listening to some good Fiest in my earbuds.
Tonight I am all alone on a Saturday night to write my ethics paper due in two weeks. I feel like an over achiever, but I didn't really have anything else to do, and this will free me up later in the week. Its the same paper I posted part of a week or so ago... which btw I changed quite a bit of that section of the paper.
"Watching the fire as we grow.... sha-boom sha-boom"

Wednesday, November 7, 2007


I'm tired today.

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