Thursday, December 27, 2007

Doin' good

I just found out that I got all A's my first semester in graduate school! Yey! I wasn't sure how well I'd do--I was sorta shooting for B's seeing that I'm in school and am working, but I did better than I expected. Yessssssssssssssssssssss.

Christmas was good too. Jeffy and I stayed in Iowa from Friday thru Wednesday which was an extravagent amount of time for us to be there, actually. It was awesome. I slept a whole lot, got some sewing projects in (Christmas presents), and spent great time with family and friends. One of the best parts was having my two year old niece, Kylie, around to play with. Also, we took the Dee-o-gies (DOGS)with us, which I thought would be a headache, but it turned out to be great. THey loved the snow and were very well behaved.

Oh yeah, and I stopped by one of my favorite stores in downtown Iowa City, Revival, and bumped into a lot of cool ETSY products I've seen from some of my favorite sellers--- "Tiny Meat" and "Mary Ink". It made me slightly depressed b/c a while back I was thinking about doing consignment with them and ended up not b/c of school--but it was nice to shop around and feel at home.

anyway, more updates later. Tonight the Swinks are coming over for a "Hoink" sleepover and then Friday night we're having Christmas with my family. The fun just never ends....

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Merry Ho-Ho-Ho

Before I start out, I am astounded at how much this picture looks like our dog, Sammy. (

Christmas is now officially off and running at a steady pace in the Houghton household. Friday was the much anticipated arrival home of my twin sister who drove 14 hours in one day from her former home in North Carolina to her real home, Springfield. She's back, babay. She starts her new job as the Operations Manager at Askinosie Chocolate tomorrow. I'm so excited she's back , I can't even tell you...

Secondly, the movie Jeff has been working on for what seems like decades now priemired today at the Moxie--"To and From." I have to say I was overwhelemed with pride watching this thing and seeing my husband on the big screen. He plays Harry who comes home for Christmas to be with his grandpa (Robert E. Smith the painter) and falls in love with his doctor (Sarah Jenkins). Jeff Jenkins is in it as well playing a crazy ex-boyfriend (he plays the part well). Anyway, it was wonderful. funny, of course, but Jeff sorta plays a straight quiet character, which is a nice change to the goofy stuff I usually see him do.

Finally, well... Christmas! I am so stinkin happy, first of all, to have a two week break from school. I have a final final (does that make sense?) due Tuesday, and then I don't start back until January 8th. In that second week of January I'll be workin' my tail off with meetings at Burrell and starting my new internship at Cherokee Middle School-- not to mention starting the four classes I'm enrolled in next semester---but hey, at least I get a breather before it all starts up again...

and next week is lookin' good. I'll be a bit busy at work, but Monday is the fun gift exchange with my friends I always look forward to each year. Also I get to see the Swinks for the first time in several months. Finally, Jeff and I are off to Iowa City for several days to see his family.

Last but not least, Brandon Goodwin made Jeff and I really amazing Christmas mix. It makes writing this paper a bit easier. I really like Christmas.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

booooo all things gloomy

1) The story didn't air today (see below post to know what I am talking about), But it will air tomorrow at 7:30am and 4:30pm if you get a chance to listen.

2) I have a final tomorrow and am up to my ears in note cards.

3) I have another final Tuesday that I haven't even looked at yet.

4) My dogs are going crazy due to the cold/rainy/slick/nasty weather outside. They've been stuck in our house for almost two weeks straight now and are starting to pee and chew on things that they shouldn't be peeing and chewing on.

5) My bank account is teetering at the moment due to Christmas. I'm all done with shopping, (Thank God b/c I'd kill myself if I had to get out this weekend and finish shopping), and will be happy once a couple more checks clear and all goes back to normal.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Radio Story on KLASS program

The program I run at Burrell, Kids Learning About Social Skills (KLASS), will be featured in a story on KSMU (NPR), radio station 91.1 FM, on December 12th at 7:30am and 4:30pm.

I don't really talk too much about what I do here at Burrell because a long time ago I got called into my boss' office when a co-worker read my blog on Myspace and didn't like something I said about my job.

I actually love my job. I work with kids who have emotional disorders... well, I don't actually get to work directly too much with them anymore, my facilitator does all of that. I just sorta work with the staff in training, schedules, and making sure policy is followed, etc. Right now the program works with kids who are in case management services and need social skills training, but we are about to open it up to kids for group therapy. I'm pretty stoked about that, btw.

It took Missy Shelton a lot of time to capture cute kids' voices and endless ramblings from myself and KLASS Facilitator, Sally Miller, to put this story together. I have to say that after I spent so much time with Missy, I grew rather fond of her. If you haven't met her you should: she's really down to earth and easy to talk to. I guess that's what you want in a news reporter anyway.

So if you're by a radio either of those times next Wednesday, tune in. I think the stories will be two different ones as well.

I'll be listening hating how my voice sounds on recording.

Thursday, December 6, 2007


I am so sorry to anyone who has checked this (anyone?) and has been sad about me not posting. I just REALLY REALLY wanted you all to know what I wanted for Christmas. K, maybe not, I've just been lazy. Haven't really wanted to write when I've been writing like a mad woman for my classes. Almost done for the semester, though. I don't get much of a break though--I start back the 9th of January! NO FAIR! When Jenn went to Evangel she started back at the end of January and I always was so jealous. No such luck for the Mitch-ster.

So, everyone needs to know about my husband's lead role in a MOVIE playing at the Moxie starting December 17th. check it out:
It looks good, I'm super proud.

And with all of that said, I'm getting so excited for Christmas. Such a fun time of year. (although the weather is really suckin' it up today, bummer).

Oh, and update: I am drinking coffee heavily again. Can't help the addiction.

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