Sunday, August 17, 2008

post-surgery mitch

Hello! I got surgery two days ago and am feeling great! I updated almost everyone via text message, email, or facebook, so I felt very little need to put all the details on here. To sum it up, i was there for most of Friday, was in actual surgery for only 25 minutes, and am now trying my hardest to stay quiet and relaxed and not do too much. The new saying around my house is "No bending no twisting," which I believe I had upheld well these past two days (thanks to the "gopher" that my mom bought me yesterday to help me reach things). I think these next two weeks as I wait for school to start I am going to be my own worst enemy-- waiting to get better but feeling good and wanting to do more than I should.

Anyway, I plan on sewing quite a bit and reading as well to pass the time and be "good". If anyone has any suggestions on books, I have a 30$ gift card to Barnes and Nobel from my friends as a get-better-soon gift. Lemme know.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

kesha's bag

I kept myself busy with this tonight (surgery is in the morning) and decided to give it to Kesha because the stitching was a bit off. More to come post-surgery!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

lets see here...

What updates to give? Not really anything exciting to speak about. At the moment I am listening to our stray we hope to give away "squeaking" outside (he wants to come in and has a high-pitched bark), my sis Jenn is making me nachos-- (we just got done with "ear-candleing" her, and let me just say its messy and smoky. She sells the candles at Mama Jeans and wants to know what to tell customers about it). Ummm, what else??-- I have been working on my research project for the past four hours, and now its olympics time.

Earlier today I had my pre-operation appointment and got the run-down of how its all going to go. I will get there at 8am, then be wheeled off to pre-surgery where they'll knock me out, then when I wake up I'll have to eat, drink, pee, and breath into this tube thing, and four hours late I'll get to go home.

I'm actually more excited to have the surgery than nervous. Of course i will be nervous, but I can't wait to be able to go out and do things again! I tried to go to Marshals yesterday to shop just a little bit, and made it about 10 minutes before I had to go back into the car and wait for my sister to buy some jeans. I really want to shop right now b/c of all the fall stuff that has come out...

Um, I love the Olympics. The end.

Monday, August 11, 2008


i am going to have SURGERY on Friday morning. CRAZY!!!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

ETSY store additions

I am pleased to bring two more additions to my store. I am really really really hoping to sell some items since I have not been able to work these past three weeks and could use some moo-lah.

Guy's Leaves Tee

Women's Window Tee

Friday, August 8, 2008

le sigh

oh dear, things are not looking so bright today. The weather is beautiful, which reminds me of Colorado-- fairly warm with no humidity-- which reminds me that Jeff is headed there next week and I was supposed to go with him on my only vacation for the year but I have to stay here, in my boring bed with all this pain...
I have a checkup with my specialist doc on Monday. Its looking like I'm going to need surgery. I'm just not getting much better... I mean, I still cannot function without being on the full dosage of pain meds and muscle relaxers, and when I get up I still can only go a few minutes. Sigh.
I might not be able to enroll in classes for the fall either. I have a little less than three weeks until they start. I just have no idea how things are going to go, and I'm starting to get very anxious about, especially with all the money we're loosing from me being out of work.
Needless to say I'm a bit depressed today. I think I might go outside and lie on the concrete and pray. Get some vitamin d and try to trust that God has a plan.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

I heart shoes!

OK, so I've been reading lots of fashion mags and am LOVING the new styles coming out-- especially in shoes. Everything is so modern and retro looking. Booties, "shooties," oxfords, moccasins, mary janes, t-straps, and riding boots are all over the pages of each of my favorite mags, so I thought I'd pick some of my favorites and post them here. I am kinda excited because I have some really great fall shoes already that fit into these categories... I have some great Franco Sarto mary-janes I picked up WAAAAY on sale last winter, I have had these amazing pair of riding boots for probably 5 years now, I have some cute booties I wore all last winter, and I just bought some awesome moccasins from target a few weeks ago (okay, so maybe I sent my brother-in-law to get them when he was headed to the store anyway)...

Kenneth Cole Reaction Party Bell-a mary-jane in berry

Calvin Klein Rocci Bootie

Frye Bonnie Tall Riding Boot

too expensive for me, but oh-so-cute mary-jane by Corso Como Virgo

Woven Oxford Heel at UO

Anthropologie Parula Peep Toes
Check's in the mail by Seychells T-strap

Anthropologie bootie:

Two Tone Oxford Skimmer at UO

4 weeks and 4 days

Still lying here folks. I am feeling a bit better, but not much, and am suffering from supreme amounts of boredom. I worked on my paper a bit today, read more fashion magazines, coveted many a shoe, and took two naps. I bet your day was more exciting than mine...

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


So my parents are getting all new flooring in their house this week, and have suddenly been inspired to redo their bedroom and the guest bedroom. Since all I do is lay around in my room and do nothing, I have been shopping to help them figure out what would look good. I created this inspiration page in Polyvore and thought it looked good.

Four weeks and two days...

Its hard to count the days I have been injured anymore so I'm going to start counting the weeks plus days of how long I've been injured and holed up in misery. Its actually not all that miserable when I am laying down and not completely bored, but I must say the boredom is getting to be more the case rather than me being acceptably occupied.

So yesterday was a fabulous day, as far as pain is concerned. I had very little pain when I would get up.. it was so very exciting. I didn't post anything about it because I was nervous the pain would come back today, and alas, it did. I've been up a few times and each time am hobbling across the floor... so there you have it. Boo. I started my IDD treatment yesterday and am going every day this week. I'm sorta thinking that if I am still the same by Monday when I have a check-up with my doc that I am going to request surgery to just get this whole thing over with...

BUT, i did end up getting out last night to somewhere that wasn't a doctor's office or the pool (the pic above is from last night)-- I went to the Coffee Ethic with my sister, Winnie, and Arin. It was wonderful to see civilization and feel slightly normal (although I was getting a few strange looks because I was lying on the couches instead of sitting like everyone else).

Keep praying friends!


Friday, August 1, 2008

Day 26 of Herniated Disc update

Below you'll find pics of recent sewing projects as well as some info on how I'm doing with the incident...
Jeff's Tees

Arin's Owl

Hello everyone. Its about 10:20, and you know what is going on that I am missing right now? The Mystery Hour, my husband's show. Sadness.

As far as how I'm doing-- Well, I got my cortisone shot yesterday. Before I get into that, let me tell you that yesterday had to be one of the most miserable days I've had ever, besides July 8th when I went to the doctor the first time for this nasty incident. I will spare you the details and will just sum it up by saying OUCH. Now, back to the shot. It was very invasive. He stuck a needle into a small opening in my lower spine to get the medicine right at my nerve root... it was sort of a mini-surgery if you ask me... It isn't going to help heal me, but it should make me feel a whole lot less pain, which is very exciting. It can take anywhere from 2 days to 2 weeks to take hold... i am crossing my fingers for the earlier side of things.

Anyway, to the good stuff; Pictures! I have more pics of things I've made in the past week above, and will add in a little treat of pics from last Sunday when I went to the pool with my friends and their dogs (I left mine behind for obvious reasons). enjoy!

Mitch and Lilly
Mara and Thora Leah and Leia

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