Sunday, August 17, 2008

post-surgery mitch

Hello! I got surgery two days ago and am feeling great! I updated almost everyone via text message, email, or facebook, so I felt very little need to put all the details on here. To sum it up, i was there for most of Friday, was in actual surgery for only 25 minutes, and am now trying my hardest to stay quiet and relaxed and not do too much. The new saying around my house is "No bending no twisting," which I believe I had upheld well these past two days (thanks to the "gopher" that my mom bought me yesterday to help me reach things). I think these next two weeks as I wait for school to start I am going to be my own worst enemy-- waiting to get better but feeling good and wanting to do more than I should.

Anyway, I plan on sewing quite a bit and reading as well to pass the time and be "good". If anyone has any suggestions on books, I have a 30$ gift card to Barnes and Nobel from my friends as a get-better-soon gift. Lemme know.

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