Thursday, May 29, 2008

Sigh (of relief)

Oh friends, I am so sorry. No one is ever going to read this anymore because I have been terrible-- TERRIBLE-- at keeping this site updated. I am truly sorry, more to myself.

Things have been good lately. Of course the weather is lovely this time of year, which means lots of backyard time with Jeff and the poochies. We aquired a new one a couple of weeks ago and are trying to find a home for him. We're calling him two names-- "new guy" and Morris. He's adorable, but three is a crowd, if you know what I mean. So, anyone want a dog?

Another part of this time of year-- Allergies. I've NEVER, NEVER, had them this bad except when I walk into a room where a cat is. For the past two weeks straight its been attack after attack of sneezing, itchy badness. I haven't been sleeping well its been so bad. (well, I don't sleep well anyway).

What else??? i'm enrolled in a class called Advanced Developmental Psychology. Its been a pretty good class. Challenging, yet interesting... makes me want to have babies. Seriously. Of course its not feesable until next year when I'm done with school, but my womb has started itching.

Another interesting tidbit-- I am addicted to Scramble on Facebook. Its a game you can play against your friends. I have about 7 games going each day and spend the last 20 minutes of my waking hours playing... you should play too.

K, think that's about it. I miss people. I miss being involved. I think I am going to read blogs for the next 30 minutes or so to keep up. yey.

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