Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Decor 8 design contest

Mara Dockery, bff, has entered a contest on
Go and vote for her (she's on the 2nd or third page and you'll see her name above the picture!) and enjoy!

Birthday-- fun? not fun? not sure

So I had to go to class on my birthday... they're both super long equalling 7.5 hours... by 8 o'clock last night I was getting pissed. Didn't want to be there on my birthday. Didn't want to be there period.

But I have made some excellent friends. Actually, here they are: Krystina, (myself), Ashley, and Beth. We're getting through this madness together. thank god.

on another note-- Jenn got me the shirt that I'm wearing in the pic as well as the shoes, named "WINNIE brown" by Pink Studio for by present. Highlight of my day I believe was opening these puppies up. yey!

Tonight I am going to have a bbq with some friends and hopefully stay up to late and sit by a fire pit drinking margaritas. yummie. I'm no lush, but margaritas in the summer are just way to good to pass up!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Letting Go...

So, last week I sorta broke down about the amount of chaos and stress that is in my life. I tallied up the amount of time I spend at work, at school, or working on assignments in the past two weeks and I think I am spending approximately 60-65 hours a week being busy. STRESSED busy.
So last Thursday I had a little moment of insanity. I got back a test from my Careers class and got a C on it, which really upset me. Then I figured it out: A C isn't so bad in Grad school when you're cramming a semester's worth of work into four weeks (and doing it in TWO classes at the same time). I resigned that I will probably make a B or a couple of B's this summer-- and that that's ok.
And man, do I feel better! I actually took a day off from any schoolwork on Saturday and went garage-sale shopping and worked on the garden. I am LOVING June so far! I planted tons of flowers and am starting to reap the benefits of some of the veggies we've planted... I love lightning bugs too, AND its my Birthday tomorrow. I've already got most of my assignments done for this week (thanks to not being so darn perfectionistic) and am going to soak the goodness of the summer in for the next couple of days. Well, at least while I'm not in class. :-)

Thursday, June 19, 2008


oh here we go again... an evangel class talking abuot postmodernism...

Friday, June 13, 2008

design website junkie

after surviving one of the most hellacious weeks I've ever had (god i love grad school) I decided to give myself a break tonight... Took a nap this afternoon/evening, ate like a pig, put my new duvet cover on my bed, (pictures to come!) and started sewing a blanket I am making out of the old quilt from anthropologie we had on our bed. I did this all while watching one of the prettiest movies ever-- marie antionette with kristen dunst and jason schwartzman.

Oh, also-- it was a freakin' monsoon outside today! I came home from work and had to park across the street because my driveway was impassible with water. The fenced in garden area was completely washed out too-- all the weed barrier was wiped away along with the mulch covering it. I waded around out there tonight to make a makeshift-creek to get the water to run to the ditch in front of the house. crazy.

To get back to my break though-- I have been laying on my couch this past hours parusing through endless design websites and admiring others' work. Thought I'd post some pretties for you to enjoy. so, enjoy!

Of course I started with design sponge (see link to right) and found tons of goodies! This is from a website called fawn&forest by a designer named "KLT works". My womb has been itching so I found this ADORABLE!

Lighting by Offi & Company:

Let me take this opportunity to say that when it comes this time of year I get really excited about looking at new things because its my birthday and I like to find off-the wall crazy stuff to ask for. This would go perfectly in my room:
found this on fawn&forest too... decoylab... from KC, MO!

Journal by Nantaka Joy off website

notebook on

art by bird nerd from

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

new duvet cover

We finally picked out our new duvet cover at Ikea. The Swinks are sending it to us in the mail. I'm super excited... really like it:

In other news, Morris has been added to pet finder as a SWMOK9 adoptable dog. Made me sad to put him on there, but we really shouldn't have three dogs. One too many. The link is:

Sunday, June 8, 2008


Oh how I love gardening. Each fall and spring I add about 50-100$ worth of additions to the flower beds and the landscaping process. I'm slightly obsessed. Today on a stress-relief run (huge paper due thursday, two new classes starting monday) I looked admiringly at all the pretty landscaping jobs at the houses around us.
These pics are of flowers bought at the springfield farmer's market on battlefield. I planted them yesterday in our bed in front of the house and am really hoping i can do as good of a job keeping them up as the farmers did. We'll see, i'm not amazing at it-that's for sure. And its a freakin' lotta work. But I love, love, love flowers...

I've started on my new obsession this year too-- vegetable gardening. pictures of the process to come!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Renewed Interest in Design

In the few moments I've had to bask in my in-between-classes glory (didn't last but like, 2 seconds, I was done with my final last night I started to work on a paper this morning) I've had some time to think about design. This was prompted by some bad behavior of two dogs-- mugshots below:

Morris- aka "new guy." Love him. needs a home though.

Lucy-- aka "first born."

The other night while Jeff and I were watching (and getting very excited) Obama give his awesome democratic nominee speech these two hooligans tore the quilt on top of the bed to shreds. I LOVED that thing. It was a gift from the Fowlers and Dockerys-- a quilt from Anthropologie that I basically designed our whole bedroom around. Since then I've been frantically looking for a replacement to much disappointment. I think I might have found two candidates that would work with our two primary goals: #1-Budget. #2-color scheme of orange, pink, purple, and cream. Here are the two candidates, both from Ikea. Votes?

Number one:

Number two:

In other news I took pictures of the house today. I have updated a few things here and there and wanted to share the goodness on my flickr site. Thought someone who stops by the blog might wanna take a gander as well. Enjoy!

Monday, June 2, 2008

white people

If you haven't been to the above website and laughed at your white self lately, you should. Its hilarious.

I went to Lawrence, KS this weekend for my sister-in-law's wedding and can't tell you how many things off this list I took part in. Indie Music, Whole Foods, recycling...

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