Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Birthday-- fun? not fun? not sure

So I had to go to class on my birthday... they're both super long equalling 7.5 hours... by 8 o'clock last night I was getting pissed. Didn't want to be there on my birthday. Didn't want to be there period.

But I have made some excellent friends. Actually, here they are: Krystina, (myself), Ashley, and Beth. We're getting through this madness together. thank god.

on another note-- Jenn got me the shirt that I'm wearing in the pic as well as the shoes, named "WINNIE brown" by Pink Studio for by present. Highlight of my day I believe was opening these puppies up. yey!

Tonight I am going to have a bbq with some friends and hopefully stay up to late and sit by a fire pit drinking margaritas. yummie. I'm no lush, but margaritas in the summer are just way to good to pass up!


Winnie said...

Ah you took pictures! The shirt looks so cute on you and those shooooes. lalala.

i miss you. Did you have yummie drinks by the fire pit? Are you having fun with mara and leah right now? I missss you.

Sky Girl said...

Great shoes! Happy Birthday. It's about time to do lunch.

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