Tuesday, March 18, 2008

my yard is a lake

How did my yard turn into a lake?
I am sitting by the window watching the sup pump pump out the massive amounts of water laying dormant under my house. My good friend Todd brought it over tonight to help us out. I am wondering if my car that is sitting by the end of the hose is going to be washed away because there is so much water spuing out (and there is so much more to go). I am wondering just how long it is going to take until our house floats away on top of this river the rain is creating in my yard.
I am thankful, however, of the large amounts of mice that have been drowned under my house.

Friday, March 14, 2008


So last Monday my grandma passed away. She had been battling pulmonary fibrosis for 6 years and finally went to heaven. Its been a long week consequentially. I went up to KC to see her on Sunday and have been there until last night. Now that I am home its been nice to just sit and be alone a bit. Right after I walked in the door last night I began a cleaning spurt that has lasted into this afternoon. I vacuumed, did laundry, cleaned the bathroom... Today I did some yardwork with a side of playing with the dogs, and I caught two snakes. (I really like snakes).
Anyway, that is a whole lot of rambling to say I'm not sure how I am feeling about everything and at the moment have just been staying busy. I plan on sitting down with my journal and bible soon to reflect on Eileen's life. Maybe I'll post some of it when I can.

Saturday, March 8, 2008


I can't do anything but sleep these days. I think its the weather. My hypothesis is that when the temperature starts being in the 60's the normal things that motivate me-- wearing a new outfit, seeing flowers outside, sunshine, music-- will kick in and I will be able to wake up at a decent hour to just, well, be. Lately I can't seem to make myself do anything productive before noon. Its starting to affect the way I feel about myself, but I just can't seem to drag myself out of it either. Boo.

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