Tuesday, April 22, 2008

where I've been...

honestly? mostly buried in school work and trying to de-stress myself. Work has been crazy-- although I managed to make a program last for Burrell and I'm thrilled about that success, I'm working my tail off to make it work and am exhausted from that and all the homework I do each night.
I think I've done a pretty good job, of not wigging-out that is, but mostly my time consists these days of doing homework. The past few weekends I was involved in getting my good friend Kesha through her wedding. (showers, bachelorette, wedding weekend took up lots of time.)
Also, our house went through some major stress this past month with the flooding we've had. I'll let the attached pictures below do the talking:

One of the trees in our front yard decided to fall over. It ended up being a good thing, but sorta crazy. Here are the workers sawing it up in the street where it fell.

This is me crouching in the giant hole where the tree use to be.

Here are the worms Jeff and I picked up OUT OF OUR HOUSE when it rained all night and flash-flooded our area. Yes, we had WORMS IN OUR HOUSE--- on the carpet, in the sunroom, in the laundry room, in the kitchen... EVERYWHERE. ewh.

More fun stuff...

Here is a pic of the "bachelorettes" kidnapping Kesha for her party. It was great-- she married a cop so kidnapping her was perfect.

Here are some of the bridesmaids for the wedding--- I would post more pics but am too lazy. Look at my facebook if you're interested in more.

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