Monday, June 23, 2008

Letting Go...

So, last week I sorta broke down about the amount of chaos and stress that is in my life. I tallied up the amount of time I spend at work, at school, or working on assignments in the past two weeks and I think I am spending approximately 60-65 hours a week being busy. STRESSED busy.
So last Thursday I had a little moment of insanity. I got back a test from my Careers class and got a C on it, which really upset me. Then I figured it out: A C isn't so bad in Grad school when you're cramming a semester's worth of work into four weeks (and doing it in TWO classes at the same time). I resigned that I will probably make a B or a couple of B's this summer-- and that that's ok.
And man, do I feel better! I actually took a day off from any schoolwork on Saturday and went garage-sale shopping and worked on the garden. I am LOVING June so far! I planted tons of flowers and am starting to reap the benefits of some of the veggies we've planted... I love lightning bugs too, AND its my Birthday tomorrow. I've already got most of my assignments done for this week (thanks to not being so darn perfectionistic) and am going to soak the goodness of the summer in for the next couple of days. Well, at least while I'm not in class. :-)


Winnie said...

I miss you tonight. and i'm sure i will miss you terribly tomorrow as well. i was going to explain why, but you already know. :)
i love you! Happy Birthday! I hope it's good. :)

Sky Girl said...

Something that I wish I had considered before I graduated from graduate school: No one is ever going to ask you about your GPA. Ever. At least no one has asked me yet, and I've worked in the field ever since I graduated. Good for you for taking some time for yourself.

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