Sunday, June 8, 2008


Oh how I love gardening. Each fall and spring I add about 50-100$ worth of additions to the flower beds and the landscaping process. I'm slightly obsessed. Today on a stress-relief run (huge paper due thursday, two new classes starting monday) I looked admiringly at all the pretty landscaping jobs at the houses around us.
These pics are of flowers bought at the springfield farmer's market on battlefield. I planted them yesterday in our bed in front of the house and am really hoping i can do as good of a job keeping them up as the farmers did. We'll see, i'm not amazing at it-that's for sure. And its a freakin' lotta work. But I love, love, love flowers...

I've started on my new obsession this year too-- vegetable gardening. pictures of the process to come!


Winnie said...

those are prrretty. don't kill them. lip dem.

Anonymous said...

lovely flowers.

Silverdale flowers

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