Friday, June 6, 2008

Renewed Interest in Design

In the few moments I've had to bask in my in-between-classes glory (didn't last but like, 2 seconds, I was done with my final last night I started to work on a paper this morning) I've had some time to think about design. This was prompted by some bad behavior of two dogs-- mugshots below:

Morris- aka "new guy." Love him. needs a home though.

Lucy-- aka "first born."

The other night while Jeff and I were watching (and getting very excited) Obama give his awesome democratic nominee speech these two hooligans tore the quilt on top of the bed to shreds. I LOVED that thing. It was a gift from the Fowlers and Dockerys-- a quilt from Anthropologie that I basically designed our whole bedroom around. Since then I've been frantically looking for a replacement to much disappointment. I think I might have found two candidates that would work with our two primary goals: #1-Budget. #2-color scheme of orange, pink, purple, and cream. Here are the two candidates, both from Ikea. Votes?

Number one:

Number two:

In other news I took pictures of the house today. I have updated a few things here and there and wanted to share the goodness on my flickr site. Thought someone who stops by the blog might wanna take a gander as well. Enjoy!


Nicole said...

Did you try ebay for your anthro quilt? Urban Outfitters has cute stuff too, sometimes.

Winnie said...

aaaaaah i love the picture of morris. the other one's too...but morris esp.
the house pictures too.

i loooove it when you blog.

Winnie said...

new guy even is showing a little of his cute overbite. aaaaah.

Michelle (Mitch) said...

I call it "showing his teethies"

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