Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Four weeks and two days...

Its hard to count the days I have been injured anymore so I'm going to start counting the weeks plus days of how long I've been injured and holed up in misery. Its actually not all that miserable when I am laying down and not completely bored, but I must say the boredom is getting to be more the case rather than me being acceptably occupied.

So yesterday was a fabulous day, as far as pain is concerned. I had very little pain when I would get up.. it was so very exciting. I didn't post anything about it because I was nervous the pain would come back today, and alas, it did. I've been up a few times and each time am hobbling across the floor... so there you have it. Boo. I started my IDD treatment yesterday and am going every day this week. I'm sorta thinking that if I am still the same by Monday when I have a check-up with my doc that I am going to request surgery to just get this whole thing over with...

BUT, i did end up getting out last night to somewhere that wasn't a doctor's office or the pool (the pic above is from last night)-- I went to the Coffee Ethic with my sister, Winnie, and Arin. It was wonderful to see civilization and feel slightly normal (although I was getting a few strange looks because I was lying on the couches instead of sitting like everyone else).

Keep praying friends!


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