Friday, August 1, 2008

Day 26 of Herniated Disc update

Below you'll find pics of recent sewing projects as well as some info on how I'm doing with the incident...
Jeff's Tees

Arin's Owl

Hello everyone. Its about 10:20, and you know what is going on that I am missing right now? The Mystery Hour, my husband's show. Sadness.

As far as how I'm doing-- Well, I got my cortisone shot yesterday. Before I get into that, let me tell you that yesterday had to be one of the most miserable days I've had ever, besides July 8th when I went to the doctor the first time for this nasty incident. I will spare you the details and will just sum it up by saying OUCH. Now, back to the shot. It was very invasive. He stuck a needle into a small opening in my lower spine to get the medicine right at my nerve root... it was sort of a mini-surgery if you ask me... It isn't going to help heal me, but it should make me feel a whole lot less pain, which is very exciting. It can take anywhere from 2 days to 2 weeks to take hold... i am crossing my fingers for the earlier side of things.

Anyway, to the good stuff; Pictures! I have more pics of things I've made in the past week above, and will add in a little treat of pics from last Sunday when I went to the pool with my friends and their dogs (I left mine behind for obvious reasons). enjoy!

Mitch and Lilly
Mara and Thora Leah and Leia

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Michelle said...

Yikes! Cortisone... ek. I had a cyst that had about 5 cortisone shots in it during a 10-year-period. It sucked. I am so sorry!! What's next for you?? By the way, love the pics...

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