Friday, December 7, 2007

Radio Story on KLASS program

The program I run at Burrell, Kids Learning About Social Skills (KLASS), will be featured in a story on KSMU (NPR), radio station 91.1 FM, on December 12th at 7:30am and 4:30pm.

I don't really talk too much about what I do here at Burrell because a long time ago I got called into my boss' office when a co-worker read my blog on Myspace and didn't like something I said about my job.

I actually love my job. I work with kids who have emotional disorders... well, I don't actually get to work directly too much with them anymore, my facilitator does all of that. I just sorta work with the staff in training, schedules, and making sure policy is followed, etc. Right now the program works with kids who are in case management services and need social skills training, but we are about to open it up to kids for group therapy. I'm pretty stoked about that, btw.

It took Missy Shelton a lot of time to capture cute kids' voices and endless ramblings from myself and KLASS Facilitator, Sally Miller, to put this story together. I have to say that after I spent so much time with Missy, I grew rather fond of her. If you haven't met her you should: she's really down to earth and easy to talk to. I guess that's what you want in a news reporter anyway.

So if you're by a radio either of those times next Wednesday, tune in. I think the stories will be two different ones as well.

I'll be listening hating how my voice sounds on recording.

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