Thursday, December 6, 2007


I am so sorry to anyone who has checked this (anyone?) and has been sad about me not posting. I just REALLY REALLY wanted you all to know what I wanted for Christmas. K, maybe not, I've just been lazy. Haven't really wanted to write when I've been writing like a mad woman for my classes. Almost done for the semester, though. I don't get much of a break though--I start back the 9th of January! NO FAIR! When Jenn went to Evangel she started back at the end of January and I always was so jealous. No such luck for the Mitch-ster.

So, everyone needs to know about my husband's lead role in a MOVIE playing at the Moxie starting December 17th. check it out:
It looks good, I'm super proud.

And with all of that said, I'm getting so excited for Christmas. Such a fun time of year. (although the weather is really suckin' it up today, bummer).

Oh, and update: I am drinking coffee heavily again. Can't help the addiction.

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