Wednesday, August 8, 2007

heat wave work

Today it is HOT outside. Crazy Hot. 97 degrees hot... and tomorrow is supposed to be worse. Thank god for air conditioning, right? How did our grandparents do it? geeze.

So after the show this past weekend I have been inspired to make more applique shirts and bags, b/c that is what sold the most. (plus i need to re-plenish!) So I went to target, bought about 6 girls and guys shirts in different sizes, and have been going to town with that and some decorator remnant fabric I found the other day.

Life has been about much more than sewing recently though. As you know, last weekend was super busy, and these next couple weeks are shaping up to be more of the same. Next week is one of my employee's last weeks at work, and I have to (get to) transition her replacement in starting the 20th. Also that same week I have new interns starting, and the following week I go down to 30 hours at Burrell and start grad classes at Evangel. I have been actually pretty stressed with all the changes coming up: haven't been sleeping well, and I have knots the size of Texas in my neck and shoulders. Advil is my friend. Winnie is coming home for a couple of weeks too starting the 20th... oh yeah, and somewhere in all that I am heading to Colorado for three days to be with the Houghtons on vacation.

So, sewing more items has been getting me through. Its so relaxing for me, and such a reward. Honestly, I want each and every item I made this week... maybe if they don't sell soon I will keep one of them (or all!) We'll see after I put them on the store.

mucho love,


Michelle (Mitch) Houghton said...

zero comments! Come on' people, this stuff is amazing... is anyone reading this thing?

Mary Helen said...

I read everyday!

Don't forget to put that bag on hold for me!

Mary Helen said...

Do I go to ESPY to get it?

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