Friday, August 3, 2007

Tonight's show

So, the show of my work is tonight. I'm getting pretty excited. I took off work this afternoon and tried my hand at men's polos and applique. I think it looks pretty good... (although i cant seem to post them on here upright so you'll have to go to my flickr site to see them). I also have two pillows I made this week and one apron. Thought I'd show them off in case they fly the coop tonight. More updates manana.



Pastiche Decor and Design said...


Your stuff ROCKS!!!! I wanted to buy all of your really cool stuff last night- the appliqued tank tops and that tablecloth bag and those pillows. Yay Michelle!!!

Carla Stine

Michelle (Mitch) Houghton said...

Carla--you rock! Tessa was so excited you bought her shirt last night!

Winnie said...

luuuu luuu bear

i know it's kinda lame but really that was all that was going through my mind. i can't wait to see my lucy.

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