Sunday, August 12, 2007

New hair!

Okay, so the cat is out of the bag... i have changed my hair color... drastically. I didn't tell anyone b/c I was excited to run into people and them not recognize me, or even better, they'd freak out. But if you read this blog you have a leg up on the others. Its like you have your own special prize for being a good friend and giving a crap about what I am making and what I spend my time on.

So I actually had a lot of fun Saturday morning at the salon. Sorta suprising b/c I got there at 9am on a Saturday, but there are several girls who work with my hair stylist (at Image One Salon) that are all around my age and are pretty cool. One of the girls, Emily, has a pretty amazing group of sleeve tattoos up her left arm that made me motivated to get my owl tattoo touched up some. I think I'll change my tattoo artist (the guy I went to at Miller Cotton was sorta a jerk). I have one person in mind, but if you know of any artists worth going to let me know.

Lets see--what else about my weekend???? Joe and Jannah have decided they're probably moving. To Virginia. ITS SO SAD. They are Jeff and I's closest couple friends and now they'll be moving. Who will I spend time with on Friday and Saturday nights when Jeff has his shows? Oh sadness, I can't even type about it anymore.

K, well, enjoy the pics. These are things I spent yesterday and Thursday night making while hanging out with Jannah. (sniffle, sniffle).


OH YEAH--and the only way i know if you stop by is if you leave a comment, so tell me what you think about the new hair, the new items, whatev.

Red Cauliflower Wristlet

Guy's size L Owl and Branch Shirt

Size Small Grey Owl on Branch Shirt

Size Large White Pink Deer Shirt

Weekend Sunshine Purse


Mary Helen said...

Love, love, love THE HAIR!!!!. Did I say I really love the new hair?

Anonymous said...

welcome to brownsville, we're glad to have you, looks good. i read your blog a lot, i just never comment cause i don't have an account. so i care, SEE. maybe we can get mike and jeff to bond more and we can make better couple friends. sad about joe and jannah, was hoping to hang out with them more. mara

Winnie said...

cool stuff. great hair.

your so neat mitch. and by neat i mean neat.

VT said...

Wow...that hair looks really good on you!

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