Saturday, September 8, 2007

late night thoughts

You know how it sucks when you're trying to sleep and you just can't turn your thoughts off? That's me at the moment. Its 3am and the living room light is on at the Houghton house. I can't sleep because I can't stop thinking about strange stuff (like--when is the next designer brand like Porenzo Shouler or Libertine coming to Target?), and, of course, I am hot. I am always hot in bed. I sweat like crazy and stick to my sheets.

So this week has been good--lots of stuff to soak in now with a new schedule and new classes to ruminate on. Funny, I actually LIKE my Ethics class and am getting a ton out of that already. This week we were talking about how its majorly important to know yourself and your "issues" when you're a counselor. When you know yourself you're more likely to not put your own needs ahead of your clients'. I haven't thought much about my own issues in a while, to tell the truth...

A long time ago (it seems at least) I went on happy-pills to calm a great storm inside of me of self-doubt and since then I haven't wanted to face those little bugs inside of me. Thing is---everyone has them. Everyone, at some point, should probably go to counseling to work on their "stuff". Its not a big deal. We're human. We're made with really great gifts as well as great downfalls. If you operate on that worldview a little more it helps you not get so pissed off when someone treats you like this or that or says the wrong thing, etc... it helps you treat yourself a bit better too.

So that's been sorta cool to think about. I am also obsessed with a certain Christian band-- John Mark McMillan, at the moment. I drive around in my car singing these lyrics, i mean really singing them, and thinking about who God's made me to be and how I should really truly love that person. If you read this and know of any other good Christian music I could really use some stuff like JMM to listen to.

Also--Cider Days is coming up next weekend! I am sure I'll dedicate several more postings to that topic, (and hopefully they won't be written at 3am). I'm getting really excited and sorta nervous. I mean---I've never done anything like this before outside of attending so I don't really know what to expect. I have approx 35 items at the moment to sell, hoping to come up with five more by this time next week. hooray.

Okay, time to put this tired mind to bed. Or at least finish rambling and go check out Target's website.



Michelle said...

Don't you love late nights? I just found you on MH's blog...Good to meet you...and I want to buy one of your bags!

Let's talk again! Michelle

Winnie said...

i love this post! so honest of you. funny thing is that last night I couldn't sleep either and I was stuck in the toss-and-turn world. too. lots of random thoughts in my head as well as big ones that take up most of the space in my brain.

i love you.

Winnie said...

o and i looove john mark mcmillan.

Mary Helen said...

I should have called you last night. For whatever reason I couldn't sleep either.

Baby Fat Jones said...

you're awesome, mitch. i have thoughts like that sometimes, but mostly about little kid one nite recently i couldn't fall asleep cuz i just couldn't stop thinking about how excited i was that my sister told me she was making me dirt. i love that stuff. i prefer to exclude the gummy worms off the top, though.

sleep is good.

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