Saturday, September 22, 2007


Cider Days Pics--FINALLY! Jenn and Jeff were huge helps--HUGE. The whole day was rather exhausting in that there was a lot of traveling to and from KC the day before and of... on top of all the set up for it and an early morning I was super sleepy by the end of it. I made a decent profit for one days' work and decided to cut my losses for Sunday and just not deal with it. Glad it worked out that way. Overall though there was a lot of good reception to mine and Tessa's items and it sold fairly well.

I haven't even looked at my sewing machine since last week and I'm sorta nervous about that. I really want to keep creating, but all that free time at home I usually have is being eaten up by grad school assignments and reading. I am going to keep on with it though, just maybe to a smaller scale... and NO booths at arts shows for sure.


Winnie said...

i love these pictures.

Nicole said...

I loved your booth! It felt like I stepped into a cute boutique in Paris. Well done! I hope you had a good time!

Michelle said...

These pictures are awesome~ Congrats!

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