Thursday, October 18, 2007

fall is here

Oh man do I love the first signs of fall-- cooler, shorter days, football on TV, Halloween costumes being discuessed... But the number one thing I love about fall? The clothes! Above are pics from Anthropolgie, Urban Outfitters, and Target (Alice Temperly collection--has anyone actually SEEN that petals dress at their Target yet?) that have inspired me this season. Every year I look forward to more layers and more choices with clothing. This year I have decided I want to wear funky tights (I have on bright red ones today) and jumpers or dresses, maybe even paired with boots. I love the options, plus I hate non-denim pants for work... Jeff asked me this morning while I was getting in the shower if we could go shopping together this Saturday for him for new jeans and a coat---yey!
Another sign of fall-- MIDTERMS! Yikes. I have one tonight in my Ethics class and am a bit nervous. I have been studying for four nights straight though so I should be okay. Honestly, I love being in school. I feel so smart and purposeful. Its nice to have future goals and dreams and be working towards them.
Lets see, what else to update on? (as if anyone reads this anymore) My cousin, Taylore, is coming into town this weekend. She lives in KC and could use a break from her high school drama. I'm excited to spend some time with her. Love that girl.
And the last sign of fall I love? Good TV shows. Right now I am addicted to Heros and am watching last season on the internet. If only LOST and 24 were on though. sigh.
BLAH BLAH BLAH, sorry to blab. much love,


Baby Fat Jones said...

ahh, midterms. i know you'll do great, mitch. not to worry. if you've been studying 4 nights straight, you'll do wonderfully. i never got into 24, and i stopped watching lost after the 2nd season. i loves me the office, though.

enjoy the weekend...hopefully i'll get to see you sometime!

Winnie said...

i wish i wish i had your clothes with me here. i need some cool tights and some dresses for fall....oooh's still HOT HOT here!


Mitch said...

I LOVE HEROS! Last night I watched four episodes back to back to celebrate a good test-taking night. I'm obsessed.

Jannah said...

Congrats on successful test taking! I wish we could go shopping together and pick out clothes then go to FM and find some fun fall fabrics and have a sewing party! Although, I couldn't do anything fall that's too ambitious, then I'd have to figure out how to make sleeves. Maybe I will attempt a bag of some sort. I checked out the stuff you've got on Etsy. I'm loving your menswear! PS - Project Runway starts November 14!! Another TV addiction to add to your list.

I miss you!!

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