Monday, October 1, 2007

handmade heaven!

I MUST inform the masses---a new handmade website to BUY things has appeared--- Poppytalk handmade ( I found out about it through a fellow designer/seamstress Sam from Homegrown Skinny who has posted stuff about it regularly this week on her blog. I love the layout of this because the designers are so easy to see and get to... and, ahem, they are AMAIzING and not too expensive. There is even a section for vintage sellers! You must go check it out. (Especially if you're my friend and want to know what to get me for Christmas this year.)

unicorn ring by handmadejulz (20$)

book remarks by sherwood press (2.50$)

pillow by the little stich (25$)

laptop bag by track and field (45$)

print by swallowfield (18$)

print by susan schwake (50$)

amazing earrings from julie lake (42$)


Winnie said...


Homegrown Skinny said...

Isn't there the most amazing stuff in the Market?! I want approx. $9782 worth of stuff - Hmmm, I need abetter job :)

Winnie said...

hummm christmas

susan said...

awh thanks for including me!

Robert said...

hummm christmas

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