Sunday, February 24, 2008

Weekend of Wedding Bliss

Ahhh... the wedding. A wonderful weekend of fun if you're in the wedding and know a lot of people, or a frightening long and boring event if you know only the bride and groom. This weekend Jeff and I fell on the fun side of things at Jeff Jenkins and Leah Hamilton's wedding.

First of all, lets give credit where credit is due: they met at Jeff and I's wedding. I introduced them. Leah was playing piano for the ceremony and Jeff was our usher. I even snapped a picture of their second encounter at the skinny show the boys put on for Jeff and I the night before the wedding.

Highlights from the weekend:

1) Getting to spend time with two of my favorite people, Joe and Jannah Swink. We had the privilege of hanging out with them every day from Wednesday night until today (Sunday) and even had them stay the night the last two nights. I can't tell you how many times Jeff and I talked about how lucky we were to have them living up the street before they moved to DC.

2) Talking to several of my old high school friends in the bathroom of the skinny during the reception. I was good friends with Leah in high school so of course there were a star-studded aray of old friends at the event. It was great to catch up on everyone's lives. And what more fitting of a place than a giant bathroom lobby area?

3) Spilling the beans about a secret I shouldn't have spilled after having a couple of drinks.

4) Being complimented by a friend of a friend on my wearing of "shortie boots the right way." She's a fashionista who lives in Chicago.

5) Crying a ton during my Jeff's (best-man what what!) speech. He spoke so well of all the wonderful qualities Jeff and Leah have, and looked so darn good doing it in his tux.

6) Cutting the cake with my best friends.

7) Talking to Yakov Smirnof and his two kids, Natalee and Alexander, while waiting the in buffett line.

8) Eating Bijans catering and good yummy cake.

Pictures to come soon!


Winnie said...

yey! wedding fun.

Jannah said...

I'm glad you enjoyed the weekend, and I feel very honored to be at the top of your highlight list! We miss you so much!!

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