Monday, July 21, 2008

Day 15 of herniated disc


Today I went to the doctor. It was a very long afternoon of lots of movement, which hurt a ton, but I believe we made some progress (hopefully). I got referred to a spine specialist who will most likely do Cortisone (is that the term?) shots in my back to relieve the Sciatica I am experiencing. Hopefully I'll get into them by this week so I can start back to work and school and get my muscle tone built back up through PT. My X-Ray didn't show any arthritis, but did show a bit of a curve in my spine.

I'm still feeling about the same as I have been-- only able to walk or sit for a few minutes before the pain starts getting really bad. Today's excursions already have me worn out, and I still have a PT appointment at 6 tonight...

Mentally I'm doing ok at the moment. Just trying to stay positive and busy.

Comment if you stop by to check on me. Mucho Love.


Jannah said...

I hope cortisone shots don't hurt too much, and hopefully they make you feel better. I talked to my mom and she said when she had a herniated disc, her Belgian Dr. told her to lie on her back with her butt against the wall and her legs resting on the wall for 30 minutes a day to get blood flowing really good in her back and she said it helped relieve her pain a bit. Have your doctors suggested that??

Shannon said...

I stumble across your blog from time to time and always enjoy it. Sorry about the pain you are in...hope it gets better real soon. :)

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