Monday, July 14, 2008

U.O. disappointment

I just got the new Urban Outfitters early Fall catalog and i was quite disappointed! Most of the time I get the catalog I know there are going to be a few things in there that are quite edgy and too grungy for me, but this time EVERYTHING in there is uber grunge. Do we really have to go back there to that sad, sad, state of ratty clothes, drab colors, and look like we haven't showered in several weeks in order to be fashionable? Here are some of the looks from the catalog:

I sort of like the long cardigan here, but don't like how it looks like she's worn it five days in a row.

Yuck! Plaid!

I like some of the boots, but check out the girl in the meshy-whatever- top. ick.

oh, and to add to this as an afterthought, I just saw on fugly that MK Olsen is looking like a shower is in order:


mara said...

i got the catalog last night and loved every bit of it, but i like drab.

Michelle (Mitch) said...

you would :-)

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