Thursday, October 9, 2008


I'm not gonna lie, I just have been feeling icky lately. Not sick-icky (although I haven't been able to shake the cold/flu thing I caught last week completely) but ugly-icky. I go through these spurts sometimes where I feel a lot bigger than I really am--although I know I am not actually overweight. I want to go on some sort of diet and not eat much but then when I eat less I get so hungry. Anyway, we'll see. Maybe its that my hair is short and I want it to grow out. Maybe its because its a new week with long days and its hard to go from here to there and feel awesome. Maybe I'm just getting older and having a harder time staying in shape. Maybe I want to run but I can't so I feel lazy. Maybe its the Nutella I just bought and can't stop eating.

Maybe I want to go to bed. Goodnight.

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arin said...

awww mitch, dont believe it! I deal with the same stuff, ALOT. I think youre beautiful. I think the only way past it is to realize that it is not truth and to see ourselves as God sees us.
And depending on the motivation, it's totally ok to exercise or eat differently. But, I think a huge problem in our culture, especially for women is that we are fed this picture of beauty that starves herself and is way way underweight, has absolutely no flaws and i dont even know what else. Its not healthy.
But just know that you ARE beautiful. enjoy your day, and dont work too hard.


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