Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Bearded Guys

Every year after Christmas I get a bit greedy. There are things on my list that I didn't get, and when I do get something for my house as a gift there are things that get moved around so I need something to fill a hole, etc. This year I went a bit crazy in a section of town in Iowa City just north of the ped mall. I ate lunch with my mother in law at a place called Hamburg Inn (where all the presidential candidates stop by just before the caucases) and then headed to a few shops.

One in particular had a bunch of items from some of my favorite sellers-- Henry Road and Boy Girl Party. I happened upon a print of bearded men that I just KNEW i had seen somewhere and I loved, so I bought it. I just figured out I had seen it on Design Sponge , and it is by an excellent artist Ashley Goldburg . I can't wait to show you how it looks on my dresser at home!

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Winnie said...

ah beards! i thought of Arin!
i loved the mix in the last post. are you going to make me one? :)

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