Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tonight is the Night...

For the past two years Jeff and I have attended the True False Film Festival (a documentary film fest in Columbia, MO) with our friend Mike Denehy and our friends the Chiltons... this year, however, we've talked a vast array of comrades to join us in attending, and I couldn't be more excited to share this jewel of a weekend with others. Tonight at 9pm we get to choose our film tickets for the weekend. In preperation, Jeff and I stayed up last night to watch trailers of each film on You Tube(that were available) and drooled over the opportunity to see so much awesomeness! I can't wait. We're going to see films about a NY Times war correspondent, two guys who impersonate billionaires and get away with it, a film about women who protect abused children, and a film about a guy who lived with his wife in their house that was wired for people to watch like the Truman Show.
So, its not like you care b/c you haven't ever heard of these films, but for those of you who are attending, here is my list of choices for the fest. Oh yeah, and we can't see any movies on Sunday this year because Jeff and I will be flying to DC to visit our friends the Swinks.

Gaea Girls 5pm Big Ragtag
Reporter 7pm Forrest Theater
Sounds like teen spirit 10pm Blue Note

No Impact Man 10:30 Missouri Theater
Yes Men 12:30 Macklanburg
Rough Aunties 3:30 Missouri Theater
Burma VJ 6:30 Missouri Theater
Food INC 8:30 Windsor
We live in public 9:30 Missouri Theater
The posters came... 10:30 Forrest


Winnie said...

i wish i could come too! I will miss you.

Anonymous said...

Just registered. I'm so excited! We'll run into each other a few times :)

Michelle (Mitch) said...

here's what I actually got:
30a. Reporter (Fri 2/27, 7:00PM — Forrest)
38b. Sounds Like Teen Spirit (Fri 2/27, 10:00PM — Blue Note)
21a. No Impact Man, the documentary (Sat 2/28, 10:30AM — Missouri)
42a. The Yes Men Fix the World (Sat 2/28, 12:30PM — Macklanburg)
2a. Rough Aunties (Sat 2/28, 3:30PM — Missouri)
34a. Secret Screening Red (Sat 2/28, 5:30PM — Forrest)
1a. Burma VJ (Sat 2/28, 6:30PM — Missouri)
13a. Food, Inc. (Sat 2/28, 8:30PM — Windsor)
41b. We Live in Public (Sat 2/28, 9:30PM — Missouri)
17b. Loot (Sun 3/1, 10:00AM — Big Ragtag)
27b. Pressure Cooker (Sun 3/1, 12:30PM — Missouri)
34b. Secret Screening Red (Sun 3/1, 3:00PM — Big Ragtag)
23b. October Country (Sun 3/1, 6:30PM — Forrest)
42b. The Yes Men Fix the World (Sun 3/1, 7:00PM — Missouri)

Nicole said...

Yay!!! Here's what Dan and I will be seeing:

39a. Waltz With Bashir; Fri, Feb 27 7:30PM; Missouri
36a. Secret Screening Blue; Fri, Feb 27 9:30PM; Forrest
21a. No Impact Man, the documentary; Sat, Feb 28 10:30AM; Missouri
14b. Forgetting Dad ; Sat, Feb 28 1:00PM; Windsor
17a. Loot; Sat, Feb 28 3:00PM; Macklanburg
1a. Burma VJ; Sat, Feb 28 6:30PM; Missouri
41b. We Live in Public; Sat, Feb 28 9:30PM; Missouri
13b. Food, Inc. ; Sun, Mar 1 10:00AM; Missouri
27b. Pressure Cooker; Sun, Mar 1 12:30PM; Missouri
6b. Big River Man; Sun, Mar 1 4:00PM; Windsor
42b. The Yes Men Fix the World; Sun, Mar 1 7:00PM; Missouri

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