Monday, March 9, 2009

Films you must see!

So, two films from the True False Film festival my husband and I attended last week that you MUST see are No Impact Man and Food Inc.

The first is about a guy and his family who go "No-Impact" on the environment for a whole year in New York City. It was great. I actually sat across the isle from the guy himself and got to watch his reactions to the film-- hillarious. He has a blog he keeps updated that you can go to by clicking on the flim above. I also added his blog to my blog roll.

The second, Food Inc., is about our food industry and how we get our food. A couple of facts: Did you know that 1 in 3 of all people born after the year 2000 will develop Type II Diabetes? Did you know that the average distance our food travels to get to us is about 1500 miles? The biggest thing I took away from the film is just how bad our meat industry is... I am trying (and have done so quite successfully, even while on vacation!) to only eat locally-grown and/or responsibly raised meat from now on. Its atrocious what we do to the animals we eat in this country, not to mention the workers in the factories of the meat companies.

So, now that I am all primed to go-green(er) I want to share info about a farm that does organic farming really close to Springfield-- Millsap Farms. I emailed them today to see when/if I can pick up some meat--they butcher chickens, turkeys, pigs, etc. :-) Also, I plan to frequent the Greater Springfield Farmer's Market once the season begins next month. Sigh.

Did I mention I went to DC last week? More on that later...


Jack said...

Very cool. I'll try to get those on my Netflix queue.

Michelle (Mitch) said...

They will not be out on full release for a while, probably late in the year. :-( keep your eyes peeled!

Anonymous said...

mitchie - mama jeans sells Raised Right meat (a local farmer) as well as many other local farmer's meats.

Nicole said...

You need to read ANIMAL VEGETABLE MIRACLE by Barbara Kingsolver. It touches on everything Food Inc did, but on a much more personal level. I loved it! AND, I'm planning to walk to the Farmer's Market every Saturday this summer. You should meet up when I cross Sunshine!

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Evelyn Hughes said...

They will not be out on full release for a while, probably late in the year. :-( keep your eyes peeled!

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