Sunday, July 15, 2007

Anniversary Day!

Hello all... today is my one year anniversary!
I've been thinking about it today... what has been the best part of the year? What has been the coolest thing JEff and I do on a regular basis? What could we do more of? less of.... etc.
Today we went on a bike ride to Gaileys and then rode around to a flea market (where I scored some cheap vintage fabric!) and a few of our fave. spots in Springfield. I think later we're going to work on an old door that is up in the rafters of our garage and make it into a fun piece of art. Jeff of course is asleep though so we'll see.

So this week I made a new bag I want to show off. I got the fabric from Pastiche... its a vintage tablecloth and i looooooove it.

...oh yeah, and i think i'll go for the theme of "Vintage Hipster"--- making things that are old and making them new and different. What do you think?


Mary Helen said...

Happy Anniversary!

the occasional cig... said...

Oh man, that thing is rad! Nice...

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