Monday, July 16, 2007

The first anniversary project report

This is the beginning of my first anniversary project. we were going to decorate this awesome door that is in our rafters in the garage, but realized it was nailed to them. So in the middle of our first anniversary we take off to my favorite flea market to find "the perfect project" to work on. We came up with this ladder and window that we're gonna decorate and put on the side of our shed. I swear its gonna look good.

This is me sewing tonight. Jeff walked in taking pictures saying "we have all these pictures of your work but none of you working." this is the first. I wish I wish I wish I had a room to work on my stuff, but the computer desk has to work.

DON'T LOOK AT MY FACE! ICK! Nah, i'm just kidding, i don't care that much, but look more at the wonderful awesome shirt I created, k? Isn't it rad?


the occasional cig... said...

Oh shit, that IS rad! Did you use a pattern? And I swear to God, if you tell me you came up with the pattern I'll die of envy - bag patterns are fairly easy to come up with but clothes?! How long did that take?

Winnie said...

that is awesome mitch! when they say use a pattern what does that mean?

Winnie said...

ps your face is so cute in that picture. v. funny expression.

o and i love that jeffy took a picture of you sewing. good husband.

I will continue to rock your apparel proudly.

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