Tuesday, July 17, 2007

i just keep going and going and going...

So yesterday the person who teaches KLASS, (the afterschool program I run) put in her resignation. I was and am kinda bummed about it, especially being right before I start graduate school to focus more on that next phase in life. But hey, a girl can hope someone amazing and wonderful will show up, right? right.

so today I was sorta in this funk. Its been off and on, actually, and has been residing more at work than anywhere else. I can't really put my finger on it though... Anytime I get that way there is a particular medicinal thing I can do... Two things, really. Number 1 is good conversation with a friend. Number two, you guessed it, making something cool on the sewing machine. So that's what I did tonight. (And last night, too, if you count spending three hours on a shirt by yourself as therapy). My friend Tessa came over and we worked on our projects together. She is awesome at putting hand stiched appliques on tee-shirts, so she was working on this tee called "I need my space," while i started making a bag out of a great pattern I got out of a flea market score this past weekend. Oh and I LOVE this bag. LOVE it. Its even better than "my bag" i posted a couple of days ago that's green/citron/brown. I think i'll sell it though--maybe both...

beyond that though--- making new friends is just fun, especially when we have something in common. Tessa is great to talk to, open and honest, and we're a lot alike. Oh, and we're getting ready to open our own booth/table at the upcoming First Friday Art Walk outside of Gaileys. i think we'll be posting flyers downtown and everything, and we're gonna call it "A Little Bazar". I can't wait.

So I leave you with a pic of my new favorite bag, at least until the one Sam (see the link "homegrown skinny") is sending me in the mail comes tomorrow or the next day--then I'll probably have a new love.

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