Monday, July 30, 2007

Art Walk coming up

Fabulous news! Tessa's friend (I can't remember his name or else I'd do a shout-out) made us a poster for the show this coming weekend "A Little Summer Bazar" which myself, Tessa, and Samantha Kramer of Homegrown Skinny are going to show off and sell our excellent crafts. Unfortunately my computer is being dumb so I can't upload it. (SORRY TO THE FANS). But its gonna be all over downtown come manana!
Info: August 3rd from 7-10pm in front of Gaileys Breakfast Cafe (Walnut St.)

I'll be downtown in the afternoon b/c Pastiche owner Carla Stine is hiring me to do a custom job of pillow covers for a client of hers. score! Eventually I am going to do stockings for the Christmas season for her amazingly adorable store as well... check out the pics and head to her site (which I would make a link to but for some reason my computer doesn't like that either):

In other news, Jeff starts back with the Mystery Hour this weekend! I can't wait the show is SO GOOD. (And I don't just say that b/c he's by hubby). Here is the info from the "event" page on facebook:

Season Two of the Mystery Hour begins Saturday, August 4th at 10:15! We've got big shoes to fill from Season One when we were voted 'Only Late Night Talk Show in Springfield!" Needless to say we were honored.

Here is the lineup for the next show:

J. FOTSCH AND DAWN MCCLAIN, from 96.5's 'Fotsch and McClain' Morning Show

SARAH WILSON-DEWALD, Producer, CMT's 'Trick My Truck'

EDDIE GUMUCIO, Musical Guest

Plus: We'll find out, Is the Skinny Improv Theater Haunted? Things I've Noticed, and Hilarious Comedy Bits.

Cost: $1.00. Seriously, that's all it costs

Well, I'm out of things to talk about for the moment. I need to price some items for the show.


Winnie said...

wish i could be there to see it! I bet it will go great. I'm excited to come home!

Nicole said...

I love love love Pastiche and want to live there. I'll definitely try and stop by for Artwalk on Friday! --Nicole

the occasional cig... said...

Ah, Pastiche looks awesome! Clearly, I'm missing out on all the cool stuff downtown that I used to take for granted as I worked in the middle of all of it...

Anyway, I'm *hoping* to be there Friday (see my Facebook message). I wanna run off with some fat cash!

Matt L said...

Are boys allowed to post on this blog?

Oh, good.

I will look forward to examining your wares, gypsy. [Most effective if read Borat-style] See you Friday!

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