Monday, July 30, 2007

Block party

What a crazy weekend! Saturday we hosted a BLOCK PARTY with our neighbors, Evan and Virginia. Jeff and Evan had passed out tons of flyers and had about a 5% return for who actually showed up, but that's okay. The Swinks, Dan (Jeff's asst. host for the Mystery Hour), and a bunch of Evan and Virginia's friends came. It also rained in the middle of it (more like toriential down-pour) and Jeff and Joe broke out the kayaks to float in the ditch... bad influences on all the kids at the party, i might say... Later Saturday night Jannah, Leah, and I went to the BODIES exhibit in Branson, which I highly reccommend, then to Branson Landing for some good Mexican food.

So I promised pictures from the last stint of sewing I did on Wednesday and here they are (at the top). Most of this stuff is going to the show this weekend for First Friday, which I am getting a bit excited about. (the yellow tank is on my ETSY store--see like under "my websites). Oh how I hope I sell some stuff... Tessa and Sam are both incredibly good at their craft and I'm a tad nervous... it won't last too long. I rock.

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Mary Helen said...

Did you eat at the Cantina? I love the Cantina.

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