Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Cheers to you...

After my last post I've been thinking more and more about connecting with people who different types of crafts. When I first started this blog I had just met a fellow-bag maker, Sam, who runs Homegrown Skinny. She advised me to get a Flickr site and a blog, so here I am, addicted to the Internet even more than I was before. (thanks.)Once I started down this road-- I haven't been ablet to stop finding amazing indie artists and collectives on the web...

So number one shout out goes to Sam of Homegrown Skinny. You're awesome, you've helped me a lot, you comment on my pics and blogs, and shoot--i even bought one of your beautiful bags. Hopefully we will get together soon to meet. Here is some of her work: (click on her link under "favorite spots to go").

Second shout out goes to a fellow ETSY seller Lisa Price of Artgoodies. ( Never talked to her of course, but her prints are cheeky and just my style. When I get on my "favorites" through etsy, I can't help but go to her site and see what she's added on there.

There are wayyyyyy too many favorites to highlight all of them, so I'll choose just one more for this post, and make some more shout outs later. Holla number 3 goes to Nichole Chilton of the Moxie Cinema. When I first started sewing just talking to her about making things (even for the short time we did) helped me to know that I can DO THIS. Head to her blog on the left link "nichole chilton's bloggy gloggy" or whatever.


Winnie said...

sweet stuff!

Heather Moore said...

Great to have you visit my blog, and now to come and see all your lovely things too. And did you see? Sam's on the Style Files today. Yay!

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