Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Things I can't do...

So I tend to be in awe of things I can't produce in my work as MitchandWinnie. One of those things that i know nothing about but would love to learn is screen printing my own designs onto something. Mind you, I can't draw... but I know plenty of people who can (a-hem, Mara Dockery with the design of the MitchandWinnie logo--brilliant!). So when I came across Boygirlparty I haven't been able to stop looking at it since. I mean, just LOOK at this stuff.

owl notebook that rocks my face off.

the rest of the stuff I can't copy images of (she has them copyrighted so i hope i don't get sued for the one that's not) so you should just head to the store. its awesome... from hand mirrors at $6.50 to tee shirts, bags, and notebooks. And its not badly priced either. (link is on the blog roll/ sites I visit section).

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the occasional cig... said...

Oh, I love boygirlparty! I have a big pad of to-do lists that I got from...Shit, I don't know, it was an Etsy store to benefit something. Anyway, those lists, I swear to God, really help me get stuff done 'cause they're just so cute...

And did I mention I love your logo yet?


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