Monday, July 23, 2007

Chicago in two days.... GO!

So my crazy friends and I decided to visit Chicago (8 hours away, mind you) in one weekend. I didn't actually think we'd do it--just one of those times I thought we'd talk about it but never get around to it, but I was wrong. We picked a date about three weeks ago and went for it hard core this weekend. boy am I sleepy (and sore!). I'll save you all the torture of looking through lots of pics, but I will plug my flickr site for you to see them (see link top left corner).

Anyway-- to make a long weekend fit into this tiny blog-- we got there at 11:30pm and immediately hit the town of Wrigleyville which is PACKED with 20-somethings all out for a drunk time. Went to some bar below Amanda Swink's place, then promptly to a quieter (not Brittney and Michael Jackson songs BLARING from the speakers right by our heads) place next to Improv Olympic. Saturday Jeff and I hit up Millennium Park, the Cubs game (LOVE Wrigley field! LOVE), and then to, sadly, Navy Pier with the other million visitors of the city that weekend. I have to say, the whole day was great until I ordered the "big green salad" at this restaurant we were at at Navy Pier and it came out a giant bowl of iceberg lettuce. I was pissed... but I digress... Sunday we went to brunch (Chicago people are obsessed with the not-breakfast not-lunch thing, and they'll wait an hour and a half to get it, dang-it!) and then my favorite, H&M. Oh god how i love that place... sigh.

anyway, in other news, returning to work was good today because we hired someone for the position I lost under me last week. Also, Mara finished my LOGOS for Mitch and Winnie! Do you like? Does it express my "style" well?


the occasional cig... said...

Chicago? Ugh, I'm 210% jealous. Once, when I had just got to college, some friends of mine and I decided to go to Chicago...right then, at 8 pm! We drove there, stayed for four hours, then drove home. 16 hours round-trip, for 4 hours in the greatest city I've ever been to--It was fantastic!
Anyway, that logo is rad! I like...

Winnie said...

hey hey.... call me dang it.
And I LOVE the mitch and winnie logo!

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