Saturday, July 7, 2007

things are getting crazy

So... last night i head down to Commercial street for my first meeting with it and First Friday art walk. Went into this adorable store and bought some stuff.. and a whole array of things happened after that.

i should back the bus up and state that the past two weekends my husband has been out of town. Last weekend it was a wedding, this weekend a show in Dallas... I have done so much housework and yardwork to keep myself busy that a little outing to commercial street by myself was to engage with others on a lonely Friday night...

So i went in and the store owner and i got to chatting--i might start selling my stuff at her place. Then there
was a converstation with someone from Iowa city who owns her own D.I.Y. home-made stuff store called White Rabbit (, and then today I got to talking with a fellow clothes-maker who wants to set up a booth on the street during the next first friday.

What is a seamstress to do?

its always been my dream to sell stuff and be all indie cool... but this was a tidal wave of options! we'll see if any of them take off.

This being my first post I should also plug my ETSY site and my new flickr site where you can see my actual work. have fun. leave comments. be merry. mitch and winnie

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