Friday, August 17, 2007

Colorado dreams

Well, forget that post a couple of days ago about Springfield being really awesome--- Colorado is REALLY REALLY REALLY awesome. I forgot. Needed to get that off my chest.

Its not that I think that Springfield sucks, or that Colorado is the best place, but it might be. Seriously--why don't I spend more time here (stupid salary job with two weeks vacation!)? Right now I am sitting on a deck overlooking the mountains with hummingbirds all around, I am wearing jeans and a long-sleved shirt, (God bless 70 degree weather in August!) I am hanging out with family---and l-o-v-i-n-g it.

Today we went white water rafting on the Arkansas close to Buena Vista. We went down all threes and three plus rapids. I guess I didn't know--but those are pretty technical. The first time I went about three years ago we went down Sunshine Rapid close to the Royal Gorge, which i guess is a class 4 rapid. We almost tanked it. I didn't know until this trip how close we were to serious danger. (And if you haven't ever heard the story--ask me sometime how my butt made an appearance to a bunch of tourist-strangers on that trip... but that's not suitable to post on the internet).

Tomorrow I am officially going to climb my first, and second, 14'er. Annie, Scott, Jeff, and I are climbing Gray's and Tourries peaks in one day. I have done a 13'er and a 12, but never 14. I hope I don't die of altitude sickness.

TO end on a not so rub-it-in-your-face note: I have only gotten to be here two and a half days. I need more. God has some stuff to do in me that I could use a little more time off to get. He's bigger than that though.


Winnie said...

i have a feeling God is going to do something while you are climbing that 14er.

get her Lord. get her.

and everyone said WORD. (amen)

Mary Helen said...

I have been doing some serious Colorado dreaming lately too. You are so lucky!

Winnie said...

i'm gonna see you very very soon

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