Thursday, August 16, 2007

I WANT COOLER WEATHER (or at least a break from the heat)

And I get a break starting tonight! I get to head to the beautiful mountains and spend time with the lovely Houghton Clan in Frisco. As a tribute to the mountains, I will post some pics of things that make me think "wilderness" "cold" "mountains" and "vacation"---

Fabric from Repot Depot

Gift tags that seem oh-so-woodsie and modern at the same time by Kate Sutton

cute cards from pinecone and chicadee.

A very cute fall-ish necklace from glitteryblue etsy shop.

And of course--what favorite woodsy things would be complete without an owl? (of course, you're talking to me). I LOVE This little baby hilbert owl by redmag on her etsy store...

which makes me think, two of my WONDERFUL employees went out and got me COFFEE, Dark chocolate, and OWL COLORING PAGES for a stress-free present today. Gotta love people who know me well and give good gifts. God I love Espresso Malta coffee from Kaldis--and they gave me a whole bag! yes!


Winnie said...

that owl is so cute i can hardly take it

redmag said...

Thanks for including my owl in your blog - I'm glad you like it

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