Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Boo for funerals and visitations. Its not that they are awful, b/c they aren't-- they just have a way with sticking in your guts for a while and making you contemplate things. I came back home from the whole thing yesterday with Jeff. Its sorta been a relief and its also been hard being back. My sister and my dad are still in KC to support my grandma and my mom, which makes me feel the same way... I went back to work today and just couldn't get my head in the game.

The funeral was nice though. There were so many memories people talked about that were light hearted and funny, as well as inspiring. That man had a way of touching people's lives--always talking to folks asking them "do you know the Man?" (I guess he recently said that to his dental hygienist. ha.)

Life is interesting. I was reminded how easily it can be taken away, and yet how sturdy and enduring we are. I also have thought a lot about how I treat my family and close friends--how I want to always be pointing them to the one who gave life just like him.


Mary Helen said...

Good to talk to you today.

Winnie said...

good post mitch. i love you.

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