Saturday, September 1, 2007

Two dogs, one Winnie, One JJ, and One husband equals funhouse

here are a few pics to share from this week with Jenn. its been great to have her back (I WANT HER TO STAY!)

This weekend is getting off to a good start. First of all I worked so many dang hours this week that I got to take off most of Friday to play with Jenn. That was lotsa fun. We went shopping, ran into people, ate good stuff at Tea Bar and Bites... you know.

Then last night was Kesha's engagement party! She had no idea it was happening last night and a bunch of us had been keeping it from her all this and last week. It finally happened though. Charlie asked her by taking her out to eat, setting up candles with wine and dessert in his back yard, and asking her there. Cool thing was though that ALL of kesha's friends and family were there in the house waiting for it to happen. I don't think I'll ever forget having all these women--Kesha's mom and her friends and my friends, peeking out the blinds watching their every kiss and bite waiting for him to get down on his knee. Its almost indescribable how movie-esq the whispers were between us all.

Anyway, then today Jenn and I went flea-market shopping on Commercial street and had a blast. Waiting to meet up with the Ladies to go to Kia and then we're off to Jeff's show the Mystery Hour. It should be a good one with the guests and cool skits he's got planned.

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