Wednesday, August 29, 2007

things and things

Remember last week when I was talking about being stressed and busy? Well, it continues. Its not too bad though... I am finally catching up to myself on things to do at work and at home. Jenn's still in town too, and One of those things was to upload pics of some things I have been working on this month. Man, I am way under producing compared to June and July, but hopefully that will get better.

In other news Jeff was in the paper yesterday... A full page spread on the Life section I might add! Go to:

Soooooo... I start grad school tomorrow. My class schedule looks like this: Tuesdays I head to the school counseling dept. for my GA hours under Debbie Bicket, then I have Foundations of Counseling and Guidance from 6-8pm. Then on Thursdays I do the same GA hours, then Integration of Christianity and Counseling from 5-6 and Professional Orientation and Ethics from 6-8.

I'm actually excited. I'm excited to pour myself into my profession and drink the fruit of my labor someday. I'm excited for the prospect of making more money someday. I'm excited to learn. yey learning.

I'll end with some pictures of my last month's work. It isn't much, but a few items here and there.

Joe's special order shirt

white shoulder bag

Flowery wristlet with rhino button

orange damask skirt with flower panels. On sale at Cider Days.


Winnie said...

your tree is nice.

i made a funny on my blog. only you and sam will get it.

Nicole said...

I love the wristlet purse!

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