Monday, August 27, 2007

Ode to Joe and Jannah Swink

Jannah and I on a boat at my bachelorette party last year

A pic from Joe's last show this weekend at the Skinny

Jannah looking good as usual.

The girls get into the boy's costume closet at the Skinny.

In tribute to my husband and I's wonderfully close relationship to the Swinks, I would like to dedicate this post specifically to them. This week Joe and Jannah are off to South (or North?) Carolina for Joe's brother's wedding, and then they come back for two days to finish packing and then move to Virginia. Its incredibly sad that Springfield will be mmissing out on their presence here.

First of all--having a couple to share virtually every interest and hobby with is pretty amazing. Joe and Jeff do Improv at the Skinny, for one thing, but they also get together to explore, ride bikes, eat a funny Springfield Dives like Pappy's, go camping, and do pretty much everything together. Jannah and I have developed a wonderful relationship through our husbands this past year. We're together most Friday nights while our husbands are doing their show, we hang out with the same people, we live a block away from each other, and we both like to shop and sew. Jannah has become one of my best friends and I am both happy about her new future and mourning the crap out of her leaving.

To pay even a higher tribute, I would like to share a few funny things about this couple that you may or may not know:

Joe is the only person I know who will compete with me for building a fire whenever it is called for
Joe and I shared a deet-induced vomiting experience in the woods
Jannah is an amazing seamstress
I have developed a specific Jannah-inspired dog/baby voice when I say "you're a gooooood boy" to my dog Sam.
LOST is best experienced with the Swinks
I actually want to read Harry Potter some day thanks to Joe's enthusiasm about the books
Jannah is amazingly smart and intellectual--she has a masters degree in Communication
Joe finally gets to own a surf board when he moves to Virgina for good reason
Jannah has come up with the best darn cuss word to ever hit the planet (ask me about it sometime).

Anyway, Springfield will miss the Swinks. Jeff and I will miss the Swinks. We wish you the best of luck in the future and I'm stinkin glad that Jannah's parents live her so we can see them at Christmas.


madamesoleil said...

Thank you for the beautiful post! You are such an amazing friend and I don't want to leave you. Thank you for helping build such great memories and I know we will make more in the future. I will miss you MISS YOU more than I can say.

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