Friday, January 11, 2008

classes start

Classes started this week at Evangel and I officially went down to being part time here at Burrell. Its all sort of a whirlwind. I'll try to keep people up to date on how things are going, but as you'll see, I have several fires in the oven:

1) I get to be a big part of the autism clinic Burrell announced last week. So far I have learned a lot about autism spectrum disorders in various trainings they're sending me to-- and will continue to learn and grow as we get more kids.

2) We're starting a group therapy program here at Burrell for kids. I'm in charge of it, so to speak. Should be interesting.

3) I started my internship at Cherokee Middle school this week following around one of the school counselors there. The kids at Cherokee are SO WELL BEHAVED. Even the problem ones aren't "problems" as far as I'm use to, which is sort of a nice change of pace.

4) I have four new classes with three new professors. I am officially a full time graduate student this semester and from here on out will stay full time until I graduate.

5) I continue on in my graduate assistantship, which I love.

At the moment I am getting ready to go to Office Max (or whatever it is) to look for folders for my various classes, and then I'm headed home for nap time. This weekend Jeff has another Mystery Hour which of course will be wonderful. Other than that I hope to order my books for classes and rest up for the crazy week ahead. Much love and HAPPY WEEKEND.


Winnie said...

happy weekend.
i think as part of this weekend all the deeogies need to hang out together. Lilly just told me by looking at the screen while typing this that she misses lucy (and sam too) very much.

Winnie said...

something new please. i like your blog

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