Thursday, January 24, 2008

What is on my mind at 4:39pm

As I sit here in an office in the AB2 building of Evangel University, I am thinking about a few things:

1) How excited I am that a new season of LOST is beginning

2) That the movie Atonement was very good

4) My headache is bothering me

5) That the political season is starting to get heated up and I enjoyed talking about that with my fellow-blogger (and much more widely-read for obvious reasons) Sky Girl

6) I'm excited to eat my homemade taco salad

7) I don't want to sit through another four hours of class tonight

8) I feel guilty that I never write on this thing because I like it when people check in on it, but I know its my own fault that no one does.

9) I wish I had coffee right now

10) I love my mom


Winnie said...

i like it when you write.
i love my mom too

Sky Girl said...

It was good to see you and catch up. I can't wait for Lost to start, either. And, today is the first day out of the last 4 that I didn't have a bad headache. Hope yours got better.

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