Monday, February 4, 2008

Forget the superbowl-- its SUPER TUESDAY!

So I could have cared less about the SB last night... the commercials are over-rated and so are the games. Although I did hear that the fourth quarter was worth watching. Oh well.
What I'm really excited about viewing this week (besides episode #2 of LOST this season!!!!) are the returns for tomorrow's SUPER TUESDAY primaries. Who's gonna pull out the victory--Obama or Hillary? (You can tell I don't care too much about the Republican camp). I'll be sitting at home with a big meal and jammies watching CNN all night long babaaaay.

On another note, I want to read this book at some point:

The write up on its website says the following:
For too long, a narrow religious agenda has been used like a wedge to divide people. But a wider and deeper vision of faith and values is emerging. It's a renewal of faith – a great awakening – that combines personal faith with social justice. A new social movement is on the rise. The Great Awakening is upon us.

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