Saturday, July 12, 2008

7 days disabled and counting...

Well, folks, this isn't healing fast. at all. Here are my updates in case you're interested:
1) The pain:
Its miserable. When I stand up and move around I can only do so for about 5 minutes then I have to get back in bed because my sciatica flares up and I can't walk. My left foot even goes numb. I've been going to PT every day this past week. I shower only every other day and have to get my sister or my husband to dress me.

2) PT: I love my physical therapist. She's such a fun girl (my hubbies' age) and is great to joke around with.

3) My family and friends: They've been amazing. AMAZING! I have visitors stop by every few hours to get me food and give me good conversation. I've felt so blessed by how each person I truly care about loves me and takes care of me in their own way...

which leads me to the supernatural part of this all. God is really using this to heal me mentally, which sounds sort of strange. I am felling "alive" for the first time in a long time... all I've had time to focus on is classes and homework and what needs to be done next, I've truly ignored myself, my needs, and most importantly the dependence I MUST have on God to be who he's truly made me to be. Through this experience I am having to trust Him SO MUCH (I had to drop two classes this month and probably push back my graduation date) and give up control on ALL things. I'm learning what a control freak I actually am and am having to give that up on just the simplest things like how my medication is arranged on the bed next to me. I'm seeing myself through this mirror of honesty that I haven't been able to use because of all the busy-ness and stress in my life... I am truly blessed, however funny it may sound, to be in this condition so that I can remember what its like to be dependent upon my God.

So there you have it. I for sure have not been this insightful every day while in this condition. There has been a lot of crying and pain and some depression, but I am trying to let go. Let go and let the cards fall where they may.

Oh, and PS, check out my facebook pics if you want to see some hilarity with me not being a showered, clean michelle. Its pretty funny.

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Winnie said...

i looove your outlook on this. way to go mitch. i'm proud of you.

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