Saturday, July 19, 2008

ETSY favorties

I originally set out this morning to find some folders I can take with me to classes in the fall. I always need something to put my handouts in, and cannot find any folders outside of Wally-World or Target. There aren't any online! I veered my search to Etsy and started finding all sorts of fun shops and items I thought I'd highlight here.

These are the closest I got to finding folders with pockets in them. If I cannot find what I'm really looking for these may be a good option from Lemon Tree Studio . I mean, Amy Butler paper? Who can go wrong? From looking at Miss Lemon's blog, she may love Owls more than I do

The second is from a pottery maker I stumbled upon this morning called VesselsandWares. What a wonderful, pretty site.

This site, called Olive Vintage, I came across with a bunch of vintage finds. I love this olive oil and vinegar duel bottle, such a neat design!

Finally, I love anything by Pego:


Winnie said...

those are all very cute

Jannah said...

I love the Pego stuff! It's really cool. I've been shopping for wall decals on Etsy. I like the stuff by

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